Lisa opened LV's Vinyl Cafe in downtown Red Deer in 2017 after recognizing

that finding equitable employment as asingle parent to a daughter that needed extra accommodations was becoming

all but impossible. Lisa put her passion for music, and years of experience as a restaurant manager together, and created herself the job, the environment, and the neurodiverse community that she was seeking for her family. Hosting many live music events at the cafe, LV’s created an intimate environment for performer, and audience alike. Lisa hosted a meet and greet after hours for autistic teens, and raised money for ASPIRE special needs resource centre

by performing in her own concerts at LV's.

LV's became a little hub in the city for absolutely anyone to feel welcome in, and a passion for community work
developed in Lisa. It was here that Lisa was able to truly connect with citizens from all walks of life, and identify what kind of barriers and problems were being faced by individuals in the city; and it was then and there that the spark to run for council was ignited. There were so many unnecessary hoops that needed to be jumped through for many of the small business owners in the area, and progress by those that were in a position to help was far too slow and therefore costly to the business owners. And Lisa realized that if she wanted to help by positively impacting the community, and stand up for the small business owners that have invested everything, both financially and emotionally to make this city a better place,

then she would need a seat at the council table.

During that time Lisa was nominated twice for a woman of excellence award (entrepreneur and community builder,) was a business of the year finalist, won the community building award for Red Deer Entertainment, and also received the Mayors recognition award for community building in 2020 for her work in raising awareness for neuro diversity, live music events, and her relentless advocacy for downtown Red Deer. Unfortunately, when Covid hit in March of 2020,

unable to find appropriate childcare meant that Lisa had to close the doors to LV's permanently. 

Lisa currently writes and creates content for various non profit organizations throughout Alberta,
and her desire to learn as much about neurodiversity as possible has led her to formal education this year where she is studying as a

psychology major. 

Lisa's drive and motivation are all fueled by one little girl, her daughter Lily, and making Red Deer a better, more inclusive place for her (and therefore everyone) to live in.