I was born and raised in Wales, and originally emigrated to Canada with my family when I was 19. I attended the theatre studies program at RDC, and shortly after that I returned to Europe for work. Living and working in Italy for a year, and then on to London

I worked mostly in the television, and film industry. I have always been passionate about travel, and spent most of my twenties trying to get the travel bug out of my system, taking in as many cultures as my energy, and finances would allow. 


I returned to Canada in 2008 as this always felt like home, as it is where my family lives. Immigration isn't an easy process, leaving cultural familiarity, and people that you love is always going to be difficult, but I love Canada, and it has been very kind to me. 

I have always been a critical thinker, and as the daughter of a scientist and a social worker, I was always encouraged to seek solutions rather than complain about a problem, and always encouraged to try new ideas, large or small. I think that is ultimately what led me to entrepreneurship, and writing.

When my daughter was diagnosed as autistic six years ago, I found myself on a journey that broadened my outlook on life tenfold. A journey that has included learning about, and embracing neurodiversity, discovering the often overlooked inclusion of people with disabilities, and the un-learning I have had to do to really question most societal norms has been significant. I am a better person for being my daughter's mother, and I am forever in her debt for opening my eyes to people and a whole world really that I knew nothing about. A debt that I try to pay forward daily. 

I'm passionate about equity (without which there is no equality,) women's rights, reconciliation, black lives matter and LGBTQIA2s+ rights. I enjoy music (all the music,) good wine, good food, drag queens, reading, kitchen dancing, singing, more good food, and walking the Red Deer trails.