The Opioid and Homeless Crisis

We need to address these issues head on. These are not issues that will go away if we ignore them, or put band aids in place of long term solutions. We have to work first with the wonderful people that work on the front lines in social sectors and listen to them, understand their needs, and then act on their ideas. We have to work together with both public, and private sectors to move forward with solutions that ultimately save lives, and allow us all to thrive.

We cannot use small town solutions to address these issues, we have real City problems.

Everything starts with this. Thriving businesses, lowering the crime rate, safe neighbourhoods, getting displaced people into homes, it all starts with addressing this sometimes uncomfortable, often misunderstood, but very real, and very human issue. 


It's no secret that I have a love for downtown. Any great city, deserves to have a thriving heart at the centre of it. Downtown has had to recover from, and is still constantly battling bad press, and this needs to be taken care of. As a former small business owner in our downtown, I experienced first hand the difficulties faced to drive foot traffic, to start new initiatives, and incentives, to be consistently faced with red tape procedures that no longer serve the modern community, and hold businesses back from thriving. It took a pandemic to create some positive changes, but it shouldn't have to, and we need to rethink infrastructure, (particularly with relation to incorporating Capstone,) pedestrian safety, parking, and media campaigns. These businesses deserve better from us as a community. They have invested their money, and their hearts to make Red Deer a better place.


Advocacy is needed to persuade for the provision of better facilities in our City. Our hospital needs an expansion or another facility added. Mental health facilities also need to be treated with urgency, and need to be more equitable to all citizens. 

Arts, Culture and Tourism

We have an extraordinary amount of talent in this City. The arts have been bridging gaps in culture for centuries, and add value to all of us when we come together as a community to appreciate them. More live music, more beautiful paintings and murals on our walls, more theatre, more to anything that enriches our environment daily. If we used our local talent wisely, I truly believe that Red Deer could become the kind of destination City that brings in more tourism dollars, and keeps our talent in our City.

Green Space

We have the most beautiful green spaces in this City. The trails, and walkways are truly enviable. We must keep them. They are both an attraction, and a reason to stay. They improve quality of life for each one of us, and I for one consider us lucky to have that much nature on our doorsteps. Let's work together to make certain that generations to come will thank us for preserving our natural environment.