Red Deer city council needs a serious overhaul. There are far better options than some of the current, let's say.... "veteran" members, and the city would benefit from having some young blood at the table. And there is no one

more suited for the task than Lisa Spencer-Cook. She is a friend, a fantastic human, an entrepreneur, a loving mother, a massive supporter of the arts, and she truly cares about the city and the people in it. Red Deer would be truly better off with her on the council and you should totally vote for her :)

- Ryan Marchant, Musician -

I know few people who would make a better representative for Red Deerians than Lisa Spencer Cook. Lisa is a thoughtful community-builder with a background in both business and arts. As a mother with a special needs child, she understands systemic challenges, and has boundless energy for speaking up for people who need support and community. She is an advocate for small business, she is deep-thinking, empathetic and warm-hearted. Citizens of Red Deer would be very lucky to have her at the decision-making table.


- Marliss Webber. President Parodos Communications Inc -

Lisa Spencer Cook has been a community leader and a great friend of the arts for years. Please consider supporting her run for Red Deer city council. We could really use her voice at City Hall. Like and share her page,

and when the time comes, vote for Lisa!


- Jeremy Doody, Guitar Instructor UofA -

Civic election around the corner! I know and admire Lisa. She is an impressive human being! She is smart, eloquent, and driven.


- David Gilmore, Owner of Gilmore Guitars -

My friend, Lisa Spencer Cook, is running for Red Deer city council and I am extremely pleased to support her. The foundation of her beliefs are well researched, she is honest in what she says, always willing to discuss contentious issues. Lisa is totally dedicated to whatever she chooses to pursue. She is a community "builder." 


- Ross Stafford, Musician -

Lisa Spencer Cook is a dedicated advocate for a better, inclusive Red Deer. She is an avid promoter of Red Deer's music and entertainment industry, a business woman, life-long learner, parent and a recipient of a Red Deer Community Builder award. Lisa welcomes diversity. An intelligent listener, Lisa's decision-making is fact-based, compassionate,

and cooperative: exactly what Red Deer's City Council needs.


- Robin Byrnes, Artist -

I’ve known Lisa for several years. Our paths crossed often when I worked downtown. I’ve always found that she truly embodies the saying, “be the change you want to see in the world.” When you find someone like that, give them power. If given the opportunity, I know that Lisa would work hard to make Red Deer a stronger more unified community. I’ve seen her support local, over and over again. I’ve seen her give her own time so that she could pay her employees. She has worked hard to bring art and culture to downtown Red Deer and can do the same for the rest of the city. 


- Matt Hamill, Red Shed Malting -